Play Sessions
Watch Pete play random boards and explain
his way of thinking about the problems faced

Beginner Session

This section is for newer players. Most sessions are a combination of a lesson and commentated play run by Laura.

Weekly Free Instant Tournament

This is a BBO tournament that anyone can play in once per week.  See how Pete did.

Pete Vs The World!

Here Pete plays deals that were played on Vugraph and compares what he did to other experts.

Hang 10

Play the hang 10 boards and then compare your scores to Pete's. For help with using the .lin file check out tech help.

Challenge Accepted!

BBO has a new feature which allows any player to challenge Pete over 8 boards

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Commentated Play Sessions

Here Pete plays against the robots and just explains his thoughts as he goes.

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Game With Jane

Pete and Jane take on the robots. Jane, newer player commentates with Pete as they talk through their thought processes.

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Free Daylong Tournament

This is a BBO tournament that anyone can play. They can be played every day. See how Pete did.