Endplay Technique

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    1. Before you can access the content you usually have to enroll by clicking a blue button that either says “enroll” or “buy this course”. The Course is currently free and will cost $0 so don’t worry about clicking buy this course

  1. I really enjoyed working through the modules of this course. So much good information! Great presentation Pete! Thanks

  2. Hi Peter, I have enrolled in the course however i cannot get classes to come up at least on iphone. Havnt checked computer yet, says im enrolled and i get the curticulum list but when i press the module button for the lexture it doesnt start. Cheers jill

    1. Hi Jill, I have a feeling you might be trying to click on “The principles behind an endplay”. That is the title of the first week’s content. Try the one under which is Understanding Endplays and see if you have any luck.
      FWIW the courses might be challenging to do on the iPhone. People generally like seeing the notes and the videos at the same time but you would just be able to see the videos. I know that some people do them on iPads and don’t have problems although we do know that the site works better in a chrome app than through safari, that might be a problem. Cheers, Laura

    1. The shortcourse software has just been updated, I’ll look into why it doesn’t show any progress when you work through the lessons. To move onto the next lesson there is a grey next button down the very bottom right of each day – It will involve scrolling down to the bottom.

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