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Bridge is not only the world's most challenging mental sport but also a really tough game to improve at.

Bridge Vid leads the way in online video teaching with thousands of online lesson videos. The site allows members to find out about any topic anytime.

Unlike live teaching you can always pause, rewind or re-watch videos.  Video presentation also means that you will visually see how situations change as bids are made or cards played unlike with bridge books.

In addition Bridge Vid offers a variety of professional services including coaching, professional play and short courses.

The site is constructed by Australian players Peter Hollands and Laura Ginnan.


Peter Hollands

Pete is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open level competition.

Pete was a member of the anchor partnership that saw Australia claim two silver medals in the 2013 World Youth Bridge Championships.

Pete is a very patient and understanding teacher who loves to see his students enjoying the game and improving.

Recent playing achievements
2019 Australian Mixed Team Captain
2018 Winner of Great Barrier Reef Competition
2017 Australian Open Team representative
2016 Runner up Australian Open Team selection
2016 South West Pacific Championship finalist
2016 Victorian Open Team representative
2015 New Zealand Teams Champion
2015 Runner up Australian Spring Nationals
2014 Australian Open representative
Australian Junior representative (U25 and U21)
Various Australian Championship titles


Laura Ginnan

Laura has been working as a bridge administrator and teacher for six years.  In November 2015 she cut back on her work in this area to focus on the Bridge Vid site and short course programs.

Laura is very pasionate about teaching newer players and understands the challenges faced by newer players in learning and developing confidence.  She is a big believer in providing practical sessions and presenting information in different formats to cater for different learning styles.

Recent playing achievements
2018 Winner of Great Barrier Reef Competition
2018 Victorian Womens Team representative
2016 Australian Mixed Team Champion
2016 6th Australian Open Butler
2015 New Zealand Teams Champion
2014 Bronze medalist World Youth Board a Match
Australian Junior representative (U25, girls and U21)
Various Australian Championship titles